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                    2. Jingmen Yingde "Tsinghua Furnace" long - cycle operation setting a new


                      From April 24 to September 29, 2020, Jingmen Yingde "Tsinghua Furnace" operated continuously, stably and under high load for 159 days, and was still in stable operation. Also, the Single furnace burner operated continuously for 159 days, setting a new record for the continuous operation of the coal wall slurry water gasifier with single nozzle in China.


                      Jingmen Yingde Comprehensive utilization project of hydrogen from coal is the supporting project of Jingmen Petrochemical refinery and oil product upgrading and renovation project of ten million tons. It is also an important public project of Jingmen Chemical Recycling Industrial Park for upgrading, serving Jingmen Petrochemical and surrounding customers. Jingmen Yingde has 4 second-generation "Tsinghua Furnaces", three are working and one is backup. The coal consumption of a single furnace is 1600 tons/day, and the syngas production capacity is 270,000 standard cubic meters/hour. The gasification device of the project was successfully launched in July 2019 with one ignition. On August 8, the whole process of the project was completed and liquid ammonia and methanol were produced.


                      The "Tsinghua Furnace" coal gasification technology, of which Yingde Gases shares the patent right with Tsinghua University, can realize the clean and efficient transformation of the raw material coal, and take into account the environmental protection while ensuring the efficient utilization of energy. The long-term operation time of the "Tsinghua Furnace" has reached a new high, which not only proves the high reliability and strong competitiveness of the technology, but also highlights the strength of Yingde Gases in the field of clean energy.


                      Technical strength and innovation ability make Yingde Gases address the challenges in the complex and changeable market competition. At present, "Tsinghua Furnace" gasification technology has not only been applied in Jingmen Yingde project, but also been applied in more than ten external projects in the market. In the future, Yingde Gases will continue to strengthen the independent intellectual property system, constantly improve production efficiency, and create more value for partners!

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