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                    2. Start the green future of hydrogen


                      On December 3rd, the strategic cooperation agreement was signed between Yingde Gases and Hydra Vision. Zhang Huanong, chairman of Vision Group, Xiong Yun, CEO of Hydra Vision, and Shen Wei, vice president of Yingde Gases attended the signing ceremony.

                      In September this year, China made a commitment at the UN General Assembly to achieve the peak of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2060.In this regard, Fang Shiwen, CEO of Yingde Gases, said: "Yingde Gases will actively respond to the major national strategic deployment, develop the hydrogen industry, and provide customers with professional hydrogen energy solutions by organizing and building the core ecosystem of hydrogen energy development."

                      This cooperation with Hydra Vision is a major breakthrough of Yingde Gases in the field of hydrogen energy. According to the agreement, Yingde Gases will give full play to its advantages in the hydrogen supply chain to supply hydrogen to Hydra Vision hydrogen and provide support for its hydrogenation station operation, fuel cell production and other businesses; Hydra Vision will leverage its professional experience in the field of hydrogen energy application to open up the upstream hydrogen production, storage and transportation and the downstream application and development .Since then, the two sides will work together to meet the development needs of hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry in the future, build new business models and hydrogen application scenarios, promote the upstream and downstream integration of hydrogen industry through energy and hydrogen supply, high-efficiency heavy truck industry application, liquid hydrogen industrialization cooperation and other forms, explore high-efficiency and low-cost industrial model, and strive to set a good example in China's hydrogen energy application field.

                      Shenzhen Central Power Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the world's well-known intelligent energy solution providers. It has successively obtained the honorary qualifications of "national enterprise technology center", "national high-tech enterprise" and "China's outstanding private science and technology enterprise".As its wholly-owned subsidiary, Hydra Vision is committed to becoming a global leader in fuel cell solutions, laying out the whole industry chain of fuel cells, and its products cover 52-130kw series engines and they are used in various models. 

                      Yingde Gases is a large professional gas company dedicated to China's industrial development. After nearly 20 years efforts, its businesses cover both home and abroad. At present, Yingde Gases has invested in the construction of more than 100 sets of air separation units in China, with the total capacity (oxygen) of more than 2,590,000Nm3/h, the syngas production capacity of 400,000Nm3/h and the liquid production capacity of more than 10,000TPD. Yingde Gases has a strong production capacity and national logistics network, which can ensure the safety, efficiency and stability of hydrogen manufacturing, storage and transportation. In the future, Yingde Gases will cooperate with Hydra Vision and build an integrated hydrogen energy industry chain of "hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogen transportation and hydrogen utilization", so as to promote the healthy development of the fuel cell industry and maximize the economic and social benefits.

                      Under the background of carbon emission reduction, Yingde Gases will give full play to the advantages of industrial gas company, continue to explore and develop the field of hydrogen energy, combine the green hydrogen with industry, bring green empowerment to the industries it serves, share the prosperity and make innovations with partners, and jointly open up a bright future of green and low carbon!



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