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                    2. Yingde Gases and Guangxi Taijia Optoelectronics reach a bulk gases supply agreem


                      In late November 2020, Yingde Gases group and Guangxi Taijia Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. signed an agreement, and the two sides will carry out close cooperation on bulk gases supply projects.This is the first time Yingde Gases supplies ultra pure bulk gases for customers in the display panel industry, which is a major breakthrough in the company's business development.

                      Guangxi Taijia Optoelectronics is an emerging technology enterprise, which is mainly engaged in research and development of TFT-LCD panel, color filter, module, LCD, TV, production, sales, and technical services.Taijia Optoelectronic G7.5 glass substrate deep processing project is a project of " investment of over 10 billion yuan and New industries, new technology projects"  in Guangxi Autonomous Region. This project is highly valued by the government of the autonomous region, Qinzhou Municipal government and China Malaysia Park, and is one of the key electronic information industry projects in the park.

                      According to the agreement, Yingde Gases will invest, construct and operate bulk gases facilities including a set of 15000nm3/ h nitrogen generator to supply ultra pure nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen, helium and other bulk gases for Guangxi Taijia optoelectronics to meet the gas demand of customers.


                      Over the past two decades, Yingde Gases has been deeply involved in the industrial gas industry, focusing on large-scale field, clean energy, retail and Yingde engineering business, facilitating the development of metallurgy, chemical industry, electronics, photovoltaic, food, medical and health, new materials, energy, environmental protection and other industries, and continuously creating value in many fields closely connected with the national economy.

                      At present, China vigorously promotes the construction of new infrastructure.Yingde Gases is determined to forge ahead and make continuous breakthroughs in high-tech fields such as electronic semiconductors and display panels.This cooperation with Guangxi Taijia optoelectronics is an important measure for Yingde Gases to actively explore business areas and promote diversified development of business.

                      In the future, Yingde Gases will continue to build core capabilities, continuously improve production and management efficiency, and strive to work with customers in more industries and fields to jointly build a better future for China's industry!

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