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                    2. Yingde Gases won the "2020 China Talent Management Science and technology m


                      In late November 2020, the 6th China talent management model enterprise award ceremony was solemnly held in Shanghai. Representatives of top enterprises in various industries, well-known academic experts, leaders of human resources industry and more than 1000 HR elites gathered on the scene.Yingde Gases group won the "2020 China Talent Management Science and technology model award" for its important exploration and excellent practices in the field of talent management.

                      The activity is jointly created by BeiSen Talent Management Institute, Renmin Business School  and Harvard Business Review. It is committed to collecting, researching and sharing excellent practice cases of domestic enterprises, condensing wisdom and helping Chinese enterprises continuously improve their talent management ability.

                      Since 2017, talent concept of Yingde Gases has undergone a major change -it pays more attention to talent training and team empowerment, focuses on improving the overall organizational capacity, and builds a talent management system that conforms to the company's development strategy and corporate culture. Yingde Gases has carried out effective exploration and practice, such as setting up leadership empowerment projects such as "Yingde power", "operation star", "operation elite", executive leadership projects, as well as career growth plans such as "Yingde Talent pool", "Yingde Accumulation " and "Yingde Speed", to help the company excavate and cultivate talents and continuously improve the talent pool construction.At the same time, Yingde Gases actively uses digital means to improve talent management efficiency and provide more solid and reliable supports for business development.

                      In the future, Yingde Gases will continue to create an organizational environment conducive to talent development, boost business development with the continuous supply of talents, and make continuous efforts to "become the leading gas company in Asia Pacific region"!

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