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                    2. Yingde Engineering's chemical air separation project is recognized by the m


                      On December 18, 2020, Yingde Gases group and Shanxi Fuyu Biological New Material Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shandong Hongda Group, held the "Signing Ceremony of complete set of 76,100Nm3/h air separation equipment for Shanxi Fuyu Biological New Material Co., Ltd.".Fang Shiwen, CEO and Chen Kai, Vice President of Yingde Gases, Shi Liliang, party secretary and Chairman and Wu Guangchuan, deputy general manager of Hongda Group, attended the ceremony.

                      This set of air separation unit will serve the Fuyu fine chemical new material project of Hongda Group in Jinzhong, Shanxi Province, and Yingde Engineering, a subsidiary of Yingde Gases, will provide a complete set of engineering services such as design, manufacturing and technical services. Yingde Gases will also give full play to its advantages in technology, personnel and experience in coal gasification to provide more support for Fuyu fine chemicals new material project.

                      Founded in 2004, Hongda Group has the longest alcohol industry chain in the world, with an annual comprehensive production capacity of 1 million tons. After more than ten years of rapid development, it has gradually grown into a modern large enterprise group covering bio energy, fine chemical industry, wine industry, environmental protection, real estate, trade and other business sectors. Fuyu fine chemicals new materials project of Hongda Group is a provincial key project in Shanxi Province.

                      The achievement of this cooperation marks that the chemical type air separation unit of Yingde Engineering has been recognized in the market again, which is another achievement of the 80000 grade air separation unit of Yingde Engineering. At the same time, Yingde Engineering provides customers with the "combined service" of air separation and coal gasification according to the customer demand of coal chemical industry, laying the foundation for further exploration of coal chemical industry, petroleum refining and other fields in the future, which has a milestone significance for the company's business development.


                      Yingde Engineering is one of the core business of Yingde Gases. It can provide complete set, design, manufacture, installation, engineering management and project consulting services of air separation equipment, low temperature device and coal water slurry gasification device. Over the years, Yingde Engineering has accumulated rich professional service experience and established unique advantages in design, manufacturing, engineering management, project consulting, etc. In addition, Yingde Engineering has many senior experts from different industries, who can deeply understand the needs of customers, participate in the process design and technical innovation of customers, provide devices with low energy consumption design and high reliability, as well as efficient, high-quality and customized solutions. At present, more than 30 sets of air separation units designed, manufactured and constructed by Yingde Engineering have been successfully put into operation in various industries.

                      Fang Shiwen, CEO of Yingde Gases, said: "this cooperation with Hongda Group is another major breakthrough in Yingde Engineering business in terms of device level and service mode. Yingde Gases will cooperate with Hongda Group to fully meet customer demand by utilizing our experience and advantages in air separation technology, coal gasification technology and coal gasification operation. We hope that the two sides can build this cooperation into a model project to open up the future and create brilliance together! "

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