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                    2. Yingde Engineering goes to market


                      Recently, Yingde Engineering, a subsidiary of Yingde Gases group, has successively achieved cooperation with many well-known enterprises to sell large-scale air separation units to them and provide a complete set of "turnkey" engineering services including design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning.This is a key step of Yingde Engineering's products and services from the internal market to the external market, which is greatly significant in the marketization process of engineering business.

                      Yingde Engineering is one of the core businesses of Yingde Gases. It is committed to providing complete set, design, manufacturing, installation, engineering management and project consulting services of air separation equipment, low temperature device and coal water slurry gasification device. At present, Yingde Engineering has independently designed, manufactured and constructed more than 30 sets of air separation units for Yingde Gases, including 8 sets of metallurgical and chemical air separation units of 60000 grade, and more than 10 sets of 40,000 to 60,000 grade and 2 sets of 90,000 grade air separation units are under design, manufacture or construction.


                      Figure 2 sets of 60000 air separation units in Jingmen plant

                      Yingde Engineering has many senior experts from the customer industry, and has accumulated rich experiences in the long-term professional service. It has gradually established its own advantages in technology research and development, product manufacturing, engineering management, production and operation. It can accurately grasp the needs of customers, participate in the process design and technical innovation of customers, and provide devices with low energy consumption design and high reliable supply,and efficient, high-quality, customized solutions.

                      At the end of November 2020, Yingde Gases sold two sets of 60,000Nm3/h air separation units to a well-known steel enterprise. Yingde Engineering is responsible for providing design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and other services, and helps customers effectively improve steel-making efficiency through technical research and development, process optimization, etc.

                      60,000 grade metallurgical and chemical type air separation unit is one of the "best products" forged by Yingde Engineering for years. The customer's one-time purchased two sets of 60,000 grade air separation units and supporting services, which not only highly recognized the brand and quality of Yingde Gases, but also proved that Yingde Engineering has the ability to deeply understand customers, fully meet customer needs and quickly adapt to market competition.

                      Prior to that, Yingde Engineering has also reached a technical equipment delivery cooperation with AVIC international. It sold a set of 10,000Nm3/h air separation unit, and exported its projects far away to Turkey. The set of the device needs to meet the complex requirements of equipment export and overseas production. The successful completion of this cooperation is enough to show that Yingde Engineering has a considerable reputation in the industry for its design and manufacturing, fine management and other capabilities.

                      In the future, Yingde Gases will give full play to the experiences and advantages accumulated in the past 20 years, continuously build Yingde Engineering brand, and provide all-round services from gas production, equipment supply to gas production and supply for the market and customers. Based on the deep understanding of gas customers, Yingde Engineering will adopt the latest low-temperature gas separation technology, carry out targeted process design, and provide advanced air separation equipment and engineering services with full life cycle and low operating cost.

                      Fang Shiwen, CEO of Yingde Gases, said: "the choice of customers fully proved the market competitiveness, technology and manufacturing level of Yingde Engineering. In the future, Yingde Engineering will continue to take customer demand as the guidance, take "the engineering company that knows the customers best" as the goal, continuously enhance its own business ability and management level, study and innovate with customers, and create more value together! "

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