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                    2. Business Modules
                      • Air Separation
                      • Merchant Gas
                      • Mini Bulk
                      • Clean Energy
                      Yingde Gases has invested and constructed nearly 100 air separation units in China. Up to now, it has deployed its business in over 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions around China. Yingde Gases achieves total output of oxygen of 2,400,000Nm3/h and total output of liquid of over 10,000TPD. Among the above, maximum output of a single set of air separation system could reach 65,000Nm3/h. Besides, Yingde Gases is competitive in its diversified air separation products categories, which include: industrial gases of oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, and synthesis gas, as well as special gases of ultra pure ammonia Gases, satisfying different demands of customers of all industries.
                      The merchant business of Yingde Gases mainly covers industries of metal processing, chemical industry, materials, electronics, food and beverage, etc. Yingde Gases owns two subsidiaries and around 120 tankers specialized in transporting low temperature liquid, covering most liquid end users of Yingde Gases in China.
                      Mini Bulk is a business section of bottled gas, supplying oxygen, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide. Comapred with cylinder and Dewar's flake, it cuts down time cost of bottle replacement and its installment takes smaller space.
                      Yingde Gases establishes a strategic cooperative partnership with large coal chemical enterprises in China. Relied on the resource superiority of the coal chemical enterprises and technological and managerial superiority of Yingde Gases, the company provides all-round industrial Gases solutions to the customers.
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