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                    2. Service Guarantee

                      Leading technologies

                      State-Level High-Tech Enterprise 

                      Dozens of utility model patents 

                      In-depth cooperation and R&D with higher education institutions 

                      Based on the design requirements of "being safe and reliable, energy-saving and cost-reducing" 

                      Safety and reliability

                      Focus on safety, health and environmental development 

                      Advocate a safety culture in Yingde Gas 

                      Ensure safe and stable gas supply 

                      Promote QHSE management in a cyclical manner 

                      Ensure the high reliability of equipment operation 

                      100% gas supply rate 

                      Efficient operation

                      Strictly grasp the schedule and efficiently build factories 

                      Ensure an efficient equipment operation 

                      Design flexible processes and flows 

                      Real-time monitoring and fast response 

                      Professional teams

                      Experienced management team 

                      Skillful technical team 

                      Powerful middle-level team 

                      Strict personnel selection and employment 

                      Continuously improved cultivation mechanism 

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