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                    2. QHSE

                      N1.Health & Safety

                      Yingde considers safety as the first element from beginning to end. Abiding by the stipulations of the Labour Law, we provide appropriate safety safeguard and equipment with regards to every specific working environment. Yingde protects the staff from being hurt by potential dangers through different measures. The Group identifies the sources of potential danger in the workplace through a safe, healthy, environment and quality (SHEQ) management system and establishes standards and criterion for risk control. Besides, the Group guarantees the health of the staff by paying social security and arranging regular physical examinations for them.

                      Yingde always keeps the faith that all accidents are avoidable. With our persevering effort, we discover and find out the causes of the accidents and make relevant management measures to protect the safety of our staff, customers, contractors and the community.

                      N2. Occupational health and the integrated management of safety, environmental prot

                      Yingde company always executes the environmental management system GB/T24001-2004(ISO14001:2004), occupational health and safety management system accreditation GB/T28001-2011(OHSAS18001:2007)and quality management system GB/T19001-2008(ISO9001:2008). The company fully considers ISO14001:2004、GB/T28001:2011 standard requirements when establishing a healthy, safe and environment(HSE) management system and establishes a set of management system conforming to the above relevant standards based on the process of construction.

                      The chief executive takes the responsibility to formulate and issue the occupational healthy, safe and environmental friendly guidelines, convey them to all the staff through means of training, meetings, bulletin and so forth and implement them by relevant parties. Complying with the national guideline of “Safety first, prevention first”, the principle of “whoever in charge should take the responsibility” and theories that “all accidents are avoidable” in healthy and safe environmental friendly management and “safety is the responsibility of every employee, safety management is the duty of line managers or manager at all levels of all the department”, the company determines the process principles and means of control. Meanwhile, necessary management documents are formed to realize the objective that is prevent first, process control and continuous improvement. The company will monitor, measure and analyze these processes to keep the validity of the management system. The company will adopt systemic ways to maintain the integrity of the management system when planning and implementing the change of the management system. Besides, after regularly requiring the subsidiaries to carry out internal audits, the parent company will designate professional managers to carry out management review.

                      N3. Environment & Efficiency

                      Our working motivation originates from our pledge for sustainable development, new laws and regulations on environmental protection and higher environmental performance standard. Globalization promotes the emerging markets to formulate laws and regulations and enhances our awareness of the limitations of natural resources so that people begin to value resource productivity. Reducing energy consumption and enhancing energy utilization rate can effectively reduce the production cost of the enterprise and enhance the reputation of the enterprise while bringing potential revenue to consumers.

                      We believe”

                      We can control our impact on the environment by reducing waste discharge and pursuing the ultimate goal of zero pollution and discharge;

                      We should enhance resource efficiency and reduce waste through continuous technological innovation;

                      We are obliged to protect the health of people and environment in the community;

                      We shoulder the responsibility to implement the sustainable development strategy to protect the environment for the next generation. 

                      N4.Greenhouse Gas Emission

                      Under normal circumstances, the group’s air separation equipment is produced without emitting gas to the environment directly. However, in other production processes (mainly through the customer), inorganic gases such as carbon monoxide(CO), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ammonia gas NH3 and volatile organic compounds (VOCS) are emitted into the air. The VOCS are emitted when the metal is coated and cleaned during the assembly of the air bottle, the storage tank and the equipment. To address the issue, the company will join hands with customers to develop plans to reduce emission to the air.

                      For greenhouse gas, considering that about 80% of the cost of the group are electricity consumption, we convert energy such as electricity consumption in daily production, the oil consumption of vehicles transporting gas products and so forth based on the conversion coefficient issued by the National Development and Reform Commission in China and set energy saving and emission cut objective based on this. This year, we reduce greenhouse gas by approximately 200,000 ton, about 1% decrease compared with the total amount of emission last year. We adopt the following measures to achieve the objective: 

                      To improve the equipment, technology and craft of the subsidiaries to save energy and cut emission;

                      Advocate a low carbon, environmental friendly life to the staff of the Group, pay attention to save electricity, water, oil and gas. Reduce going out by cars and choose public transportation such as the train as much as possible;

                      Regularly train the staff to enhance their emission cut and low carbon awareness, and start from green environmental protection everywhere. 

                      N5. Waste treatment

                      We adopt measures related to the production and treatment of harmful and harmless waste:

                      We reinforce the training of staff on environmental protection knowledge to enhance their awareness to save the resource and protect the environment;

                      We reduce the waste production by continuous efforts and adopt circulation process as much as possible;

                      Adopt the environmental friendly way to dispose unavoidable waste, and abide by local laws and regulations;

                      Realize the classified storage and disposal of water in accordance with national laws and regulations. The waste produced in our production mainly consists of chemical, waste containing metal and gas bottles that reach their service life. We will also entrust the qualified third party to dispose them properly in accordance with applicable regulations. 

                      Thus we reach the ultimate objective of “non occurrence of pollution and zero leakage”. 

                      N6. Resource utilization

                      Water comes first in resource utilization. Approximately 85% of water in our enterprise is used for cooling and the water is recycled. Since water needs to be cooled during the recycle, a small amount of the water will be lost and enter the air, water needs to be supplemented during the process. Approximately 15% of the water is used for chemical reaction and as the source of steam in the local office buildings. For the small amount of waste water thus produced, we’ll purity it or send it to the local industrial processing system for centralized processing. Secondly, comes the office resource, we mainly advocate to use electronic office system and reduce paper usage.

                      N7.Power and energy (sustainable development)

                      On energy consumption, we consume electricity and energy in other forms during the production. In fact, power supply accounts for 80% of our operation cost, therefore, the management pay special attention to reduce energy consumption. This is not only for reducing cost, but also environmental friendly. In recent years, we have organized a team that specializes in enhancing energy performance, reviewing mechanic efficiency with an effort to optimize aspects such as technological process, project engineering design and energy circulation system. At present, we are taking continuous improvement measures to enhance energy efficiency and cut greenhouse gas emissions, forging ahead towards the objective that increases energy efficiency by 1% every year.

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