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                    2. Supply Mode

                      Synthesis Gas Business

                      Yingde Gas builds a strategic cooperative partnership with large coal chemical engineering enterprises in China and provides customers with all round industrial gas solutions relying on the resource advantage of the coal chemical engineering enterprises and the technological and managerial advantages of Yingde Gas.

                      Air Separation Business

                      Yingde Gas invests to build approximately 80 sets of air separation in China. About 60 sets of these have come into use across the country. By December 2017, the aggregate capacity (oxygen) of Yingde Gas had hit 2,140,000Nm?/H and the liquid capacity had exceeded 10,000TPD, among which the maximum capacity of a set of air separation was 65,000Nm?/H. The products of the air separation business are diversified, including industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, synthesis gas and so forth as well as special gases such as ultra purity oxygen, sulfur hexafluoride and so forth.This can fully satisfy the diverse demands of customers from all walks of life.

                      Tank car

                      Yingde Gas owns two subsidiaries that specialize in transporting low temperature liquid with about 120 tank cars.Their business covers most liquid end users of Yingde Gas in China. Yingde Gas installs advanced Beidou monitoring system to all the transport vehicles as the government department requires. Meanwhile, Yingde Gas installs G7 logistic monitoring system with a leading technology in China to carry out real time monitor of the vehicle condition, guaranteeing the safety of the driver and the vehicle and dispatching in a highly efficient and timely manner. This fully guarantees the interest of the customers.

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